In this article, I’ll tell you how to buy Indian YouTube comments. As we all know, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. YouTube has over two billion+ monthly active users. India has the highest number of YouTube users in the world 467 million+ users & the United States is in second place with 240 million+ users.

YouTube has more than 30 million+ paid subscribers taking into account YouTube’s Premium and Music services. Just over a quarter of the world’s population accesses YouTube every month. As of Sep 2021, 42.9% of the online global population are YouTube active users.

Buy Indian YouTube Comments:-

Buy Indian YouTube Comments




 What are YouTube Comments?

YouTube comments are nothing, but the expression of your ideas, opinions on a particular video or piece of content, and others’ opinions and points of view. You can comment, If the video’s owner allows you. You can like or dislike it too. These comments may be positive, negative, or neutral. Also, comments can be in question and suggestion form. People who comment can edit or delete their comments. The video’s owner can reply to every comment as per his will. He can delete too.


Why Indian YouTube Comments?

India has the largest population in the world now, and it also has a large number of YouTube users. Buying Indian YouTube comments can help you to open into this audience and increase your reach. It is important to note that the Indian YouTube comments and the language of your video should be same to maximize the engagement. For example, if your video is in Hindi, you should buy Hindi Indian YouTube comments.





What are the Benefits of Indian YouTube Comments?

There are lots of important Indian YouTube comments. Through comments, content creators get many insights regarding content, topics anything else that viewers want. They help you to develop content that they want to see. It mutually helps you too.

Comments send a positive signal to YouTube that boosts your video according to the YouTube algorithm and shows your video to people. It means you will get more views. Hence, Indian YouTube comments are as fruitful as Indian YouTube likes, Indian YouTube subscribers, and shares.


 Who Highlights Comments on YouTube?

“Highlighted comments” are a special and automatic feature of YouTube that you can see only. You can’t change them.


What are Pinned Comments?

“Pinned comments” are those that are chosen and pinned by the creator. It can be changed and modified by the creator. Everyone can see these types of comments.


Do YouTube Comments Get Paid?

 No, you don’t get paid for your comments on YouTube videos. Commenting allows viewers to express their valuable thoughts about the video/content and to ask questions if they have any.



Do YouTuber’s Get Paid for Comments?

The answer is a big no. No, YouTube doesn’t get paid for the number of comments on a video. Although, comments give a positive signal and make YouTube algorithm promote/boost particular videos forward. Keep in mind always that there are several ways to earn money through YouTube Channel.


 Should YouTuber’s Ignore YouTube Comments?

 No, don’t ignore comments. As mentioned above, YouTube comments help you to grow on YouTube. You should consider each comment, whether it is positive, negative, or neutral.

Ideally, you should reply to every comment on your YouTube videos. But if you are a big creator. Then it can be so challenging to respond to every comment, as you have lots of Indian YouTube comments. Sometimes thousand and more.

In such cases, you should reply to at least more positive and negative YouTube comments on your YouTube videos.


Buy Indian YouTube Comments

Getting Indian YouTube comments is not easy for all for all the time. In such a case, buying YouTube comments from growth service providers can be a good option. But the big challenge is how to find authentic and genuine growth service provider that can help us with organic engagement. There are lots of fake growth providers that sell dummy comments and these comments grow down with time. This can hamper your overall YouTube growth. After extensive research I found that IndianLikes is the best company that will help you to get Indian YouTube comments.

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