YouTube has become very famous among all age groups. Everyone, knows that YouTube is the World’s second-largest search engine. Over 2 billion people use YouTube in a month Worldwide. There are more than 467 million+ YouTube users in India as compared to 240 million+ YouTube users in the United States.

If you want to grow your YouTube channel with real and active comments. Then visit IndianLikes to find best ways to boost your YouTube presence and buy Indian YouTube comments. There is currently 42.9% of the World’s online population that actively uses YouTube as of Sep 2021.

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Buy Indian YouTube Comments




 What are YouTube Comments?

When you write in YouTube comments, these are nothing more than the statement for another person that expresses your opinion about some video or text material, as well as other people’s opinions and arguments. In case the owner permits you to comment. There is also the option of your liking or disliking it. These can be praise, criticism, or neutral remarks. They may also take the form of a question or a suggestion. Commentators have the option of editing or erasing them. Every comment is answerable by the owner of the video. He can delete too.


Why Indian YouTube Comments?

Today, India is the most popular country in the World, and many people are using YouTube here. It will provide you an entry into the target audience, giving you a broader reach in the Indian market. However, you should ensure that the Indian YouTube comments and the language of the video are the same to leverage maximum engagement. For instance, when your video is in Hindi, you must purchase Hindi Indian YouTube comments.





What are the Benefits of Indian YouTube Comments?

Mostly these are insights into such things as what kind of content or any other thing viewer wants. This is how it enables you to create appropriate content. It mutually helps you too.

The YouTube algorithm picks up positively on comments that give thumbs up to your video, meaning that it becomes visible to other people. This means that your views will be increased. Therefore, they offer no more value than Indian YouTube likes, YouTube subscribers, and shares of Indians.


 Who Highlights Comments on YouTube?

“Highlighted comments” are a special and automatic feature of YouTube that you can see only. You can’t change them.


What are Pinned Comments?

“Pinned comments” are those that are chosen and pinned by the creator. It can be changed and modified by the creator. Everyone can see these types of comments.


Do YouTube Comments Get Paid?

 No, you don’t get paid for your comments on YouTube videos. Commenting allows viewers to express their valuable thoughts about the video/content and to ask questions if they have any.



Do YouTuber’s Get Paid for Comments?

The answer is a big no. No, YouTube doesn’t get paid for the number of comments on a video. Although, comments give a positive signal and make YouTube algorithm promote/boost particular videos forward. Keep in mind always that there are several ways to earn money through YouTube Channel.


 Should YouTuber’s Ignore YouTube Comments?

 No, don’t ignore comments. As mentioned above, YouTube comments help you to grow on YouTube. You should consider each comment, whether it is positive, negative, or neutral.

Ideally, you should reply to every comment on your YouTube videos. But if you are a big creator. Then it can be so challenging to respond to every comment, as you have lots of Indian YouTube comments. Sometimes thousand and more.

In such cases, you should reply to at least more positive and negative YouTube comments on your YouTube videos.


Buy Indian YouTube Comments

To all of them, it is not always easy to get the Indian YouTube comments. For instance, one may consider purchasing YouTube comments from growth services providers who have experience in this field. However, a real concern stands here- how do you locate an authentic and natural growth supplier? These false growth providers will eventually show fake comments that will degrade with time. This may stifle your progress on YouTube. Upon thorough investigation, I determined that the best company to give you Indian YouTube commentary is IndianLIkes.

IndianLikes is a leading India-based social marketing organization and has been operating for more than nine years. Currently, it has registered over 18,000 customers worldwide. The fastest-growing digital space service provider. Get low-cost YouTube comments and several other services.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is and how can it help me boost my YouTube presence? is a trusted platform offering genuine Indian YouTube comments. We help enhance your YouTube visibility and engagement, fostering a real and active audience.                                                                                                     

Q2. Are the comments provided by real and from genuine Indian users?

Absolutely! We provide authentic comments from real Indian users. Our focus is on quality, ensuring your YouTube channel receives genuine and relevant interactions.


Q3. How quickly will I see the comments on my YouTube videos after placing an order?

You’ll start seeing comments within a few hours of your order placement. We prioritize swift delivery to ensure your content gains immediate traction and engagement.


Q4. Is it safe to buy Indian YouTube comments from

Yes, your safety is our priority. We follow YouTube’s guidelines and use organic methods, ensuring your channel’s integrity. Your YouTube account is safe with us.


Q5. Can I customize the comments to match my video’s content or theme?

Certainly! We understand the importance of personalized interactions. You can provide specific instructions, and we’ll tailor the comments to align with your video’s content seamlessly.


Q6. What if I’m not satisfied with the comments I receive? Do you offer any guarantee or refund policy?

Customer satisfaction is our commitment. If you’re not content with the comments, reach out to our support. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and will work to resolve any issues or provide a refund if necessary.


Q7. How do I contact customer support team, if I have any questions or concerns regarding my order?

Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you. You can reach out via email at or call us on 8595480523/9650245399. We’re here to address all your queries and concerns promptly.




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