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Today social media is a one of the trending way to promote business online. Every business looking for more sales from the social media and want to link up with their customers with social media. The most popular social media websites in India are Facebook and twitter. Every business now has their own website and they also want business from internet. There are some challenges faced by the business to promote online :
How to make trust in online market?

From where they will get customers who are interested in their products?


SEO (Search engine optimization) is a process of optimizing the website on some specific keywords to bring website at the first position in the search engines. Whenever someone visit the website they first check the social media pages to check the online reputation of the business. Today its very important to be active on the social media websites to make their customers up-to-date to their products and services.

How Facebook will help in the Promotion :

1) More number of facbook page show the strong reputation of the business. E.g whenever someone checks the facebook page they first check the number of likes. If you have more number of likes that means you have good number of customers.

2) Facebook Page make your customers up-to-date to the products and services.

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