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YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming platform. There are many people who get fame from YouTube and earning good money just by the YouTube advertisements. In this era to make video and to publish it online is not enough to earn money or for getting fame. You must promote your video on many other social media platforms so it will reach to the true audience and your video get real YouTube views. YouTube provide proper dashboard of statistics in which they show each and every details related to your video i.e. from where audience is coming, How many times unique viewer come, How many likes on the video, How many dislikes on the video.


Indian YouTube Views


How to get Indian YouTube video Views?

There are many ways to get real Indian YouTube views, some of the ways are as following:

Celebrity sharing: Today each and every artist support each other so they share the videos of each other on their Facebook pages, twitter account so that their fans watch the video. This is the most commonly used trick by the people. The problem with this way is, this is very costly and celebrities charge very high for the sharing of YouTube video Link.

Social media sharing: The second way is to bookmark the video on the each and every social media platform on which you have audience. People like and share the video and you will get the YouTube views. The problem with this trick is, this is very slow process and will not give you enough views that you will be eligible for the advertisement of YouTube.

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