Are you rapidly losing Indian Twitter Followers?

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Hi, My Name is Rajan Mehta and I am a social media expert in the Twitter platform. I know, most people have the same issue with followers drop. There are few major reasons when the followers rapidly losing day by day. Here we have some special solution to stop them and recover the drop followers back. You will have to follow the instruction and don’t repeat again. Sometimes we just focus on followers count and we are highly interested to increase only followers count but we didn’t focus on the quality of the followers. There are a few good facts which are very useful to you and will help you with future plans.

Reason 1) when a stranger follows you and you didn’t follow back then why the people still followed you then they will use some third party tools to unfollow you.

Always consider the genuine accounts not spam, you should identify them with your experience. Avoid the low- quality followers OR spam accounts that may unfollow you in future, because these same accounts used only to increase their follower count.

Reason 2) Always share the tweets according to your users because you always match your bio with your hobby and the post should be matched with your hobbies.

Reason 3) You haven’t tweeted anything in weeks or months that give you a negative impression with your followers. Your followers may use twitter spring that will remove the inactive account from your friend list, maybe you are one of them.


Reason 4) Don’t Use more promotion in your tweets, may give you a bad impression. Always consider your thoughts, not promotional links or URLs. Followers don’t want to see more promotion link in your account. The setup you’re Twitter schedule so you are tweeting more consistently.

Reason5) Don’t use low-quality websites where the follower’s price is very cheap but the quality also very cheap. After a month or in a year all the followers may drop if these were low-quality Indian followers. We are working from last 6 years with full faith on our clients, here we provide real and active Indian Twitter followers, these are permanent.

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